Quotes have always been a passion of mine. Quotes stick, they linger and attach themselves to people and feelings. Almost like a scent which brings back a memory, a quote has always had the power to attach itself to certain people and emotions.

Tora Grace, the prettiest little inspiration behind our brand will soon be turning one. As a mom there are so many quotes which I would love to have engraved onto a piece of jewellery and treasure, too many to ever wear. There are a few which stick out in my mind, some which summarize Tora's very big and fiery personality and others which relate to being a mom and all of the challenges which we face.

Inspired by this we have just added two very special bracelets to our Samsara Bracelet range, "For them I'd risk it all" and "Because of her I will not fall". These are the first in a range of bracelets which apply to so many moms out there. "For them I'd risk it all" a pretty keepsake which sums up just how strong a moms love for her family actually is. "Because of her I will not fall" was added as a matching bracelet to compliment it, together they make a beautiful matching Mother/Daughter keepsake.

In celebration of Tora's first birthday we have decided to put these pretty keepsakes on promo for the remainder of May:)